Freecine is a do-it-yourself telecine system for digitizing 8 mm films. It it build from affordable commodity parts - a flatbed scanned, Lego NXT building series open-source software running in a PC.

For now, see my blog for information about current progress.


Freecine is still under development. It is certainly usable - I have used it to digitize my own old films with very good results (and without any damage to films).

That said, building a working system needs some technical skill, time and patience. Nothing super-human but you must do some tinkering with both the mechanical parts and your computer. So, if you just want to get a DVD with you childhood memories, the easiest way is to go to local photo shop and ask them to do it. But if you are like me and like doing it yourself, or want to control image quality, colors and all other details of the outcome, read on.

If you improve the system or make it work with different parts than I, please contribute your changes back. That way others can also benefit from your work.


  • Scan Super8 film using a normal flatbed scanner
  • Extract individual frames from scanned strip automatically
  • Save frames in standard image file formats that can be easily imported to other tools
  • Adjust colors & brightness of scanned film

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